Winter Dream

I’ve never really lived where there was lots of snow. Well, ok, for one winter I lived in North Texas. So I’ve experienced enough of snow to know it’s not always beautiful. But the rest of my life I’ve lived where snow was a rare treat if we saw any at all.

I’m a sucker, though, for the dream of snow. “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

The Saturday before Christmas this year (2020) my son came to visit, and we spent the evening enjoying the light displays and watching people ice skate at the skating rink brought in for the season. I guess there are a lot of people here in Central Texas who used to live where the rivers and lakes freeze, because lots of people were skating beautifully! We also got to watch the horse and carriage ride on Main Street. It was a delight, and many photos were snapped.

Afterwards, I decided to combine all of those concepts along with my winter dream into a painting. I’m told it is definitely evocative of a snowy evening.

What is your Winter Dream?

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