WDS Inspiration #1

It’s been an exciting week, here. Although I was experiencing a bit of a low concerning my art, the Central Texas Flood of 2018 distracted me a bit from all that.

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have only suffered minor inconveniences. Compared to the damages some will be dealing with for months, I feel humbled that my life will return to normal pretty quickly.

One thing I realized this morning is that as an artist, I have a privilege and a responsibility. During a time when much of what is seen and experienced is unavoidably ugly, I can choose to make the world more beautiful. This isn’t as easy for those who are not artists.

As I mentioned a few days ago, my friends over at Monet Cafe Facebook group gave me a flood of good advice when I mentioned my Workshop Depression Syndrome; disappointment with my paintings. So many of them suggested this one that I thought it should be first!


Roslyn said: “Just keep painting. I look at my very first pastel l ever did and it reminds me how far l have come. There will always be artists better than me but it doesn’t stop me striving to paint like them. The only way to get there … is to paint Many inspirational videos on youtube to inspire also. ????”

Valerie reported: “I was told take a deep breath and keep going even if you only come up with a doodle then doodle something everyday.”

Cheryl suggested: “I feel the same way; but I know it will pass and I still show up…prep canvases, write down future projects, clean up and organize the studio, and try to make something every day, even if it’s a quick conceptual sketch.”

Randy shared: “When I took one of my first pastel workshops with Maggie Price she told me to not think about it till I’ve painted 500 plein air pieces…. so you just keep going and the going itself moves you past your doldrums….try new ways of doing things… don’t expect anything except learning curves….”

There were many more like these, but I think you get the idea.

So during these two unexpected days off I have taken that advice and kept on painting. I’ve slowed down, remembered my “why”, and dug in for the long haul.

Here’s my painting for today. I had so much fun with the underpainting! There was an interesting rock on the right in my reference photo. Should I add it in?

I edited this a bit this morning. It’s better.

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