Tips to Paint Blue Skies in Pastel

‘Simple’ Blue Skies in Pastel

Beginners often struggle with painting skies in pastel at first… That gorgeous blue pastel, when scrubbed all over the paper, just looks a bit, well, boring. It’s not really believable.

Here’s a video to help you discover how to make a beautiful, believable blue sky in pastel!

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Paint Blue Skies in Pastel

  1. Thank you so much for this video. I think I get this whole underpainting thing now…better understanding for sure. Your pop ups were funny too. I’m looking forward to your next one!

    1. Brenda, thanks so much, you have really encouraged me! Thanks for the donation on Ko-fi, too.
      Underpainting is really not a mystery at all… It’s just another fun technique. I love to do it because it guides my painting. Maybe I’ll do a video about underpainting sometime.

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