Over It–Quarantine Relief

Listen, I get it. You’ve had all the binge watching you can handle. You miss having real-time conversations.

It’s been nice, but you are over it.

I’ve got you! First of all, sign up for my newsletter so you will get notifications of ALL my live virtual events. Do it now, before you forget  because it’s coming out in a day or so. Link in banner above or scroll to the bottom.

Second, join me and many others for ☕Tea with Esther on Sunday, August 2, at 7pm Central. This is a live chat, where you can have a real conversation with me and others on a quest for wonder ✨and social connection.

Topic this week is “What’s in a Name? Realism, Surrealism, Impressionism and Expressionism”.

Meanwhile, here details of some of the pieces from my next collection, Beaches and Creatures.

Sunrise at the beach
Sunset at the beach
Waiting for Dolphins

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