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Cleaning Out

If you are an artist long enough, the art will begin to pile up. No matter your chosen medium: paint, clay, film, iron; you will eventually discover that in order to make more art, some of the art you have made must go.

Paintings on Studio Door

More Paintings On Another Studio Door

I have been planning to do something about this for some time, but the inspiration just didn’t come until today when I walked into the studio to discover the tape on a few more pieces had succumbed to the moisture in the air–they lay facedown on the floor like a dramatic teenage girl.

I felt a little of that drama as I started taking pieces down; after all, these are my babies. I birthed them, I created them, and I love even the ugly ones. Each one represents joy that I took in co-creating with God.

Those I wasn’t ready to part with went into one of four stacks.

These I will mount on backing board, package and hang where I can enjoy them or offer them for sale

These are on paper that can be reused. They will get a brush off and a wash and be ready for more art!

Then there is the box of things that probably should be thrown away. I’m still too attached to them to just chuck them in the garbage.

Finally, there is a very tiny pile of pieces that I want to paint again–maybe paint them in a different size or different color scheme, or maybe the painting has good “bones” and I can see what will make it better.

Here is what my walls look like now! You can see that there are some things still in place: those are either pieces I’m just not ready to take down, or pieces that I feel I know what to do to make them better.

Kind of empty, but it makes me feel excited to start filling them up again!

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