“Yonder Living Splendours Play”

I’ve put in four hours on this just on the pastel part… Maybe add another couple for the somewhat detailed watercolor underpainting I completed before beginning the soft pastel application. Due to school starting (I’m a teacher), over worked on it in 15 minute increments daily.

It’s the largest piece I’ve ever done, 20X16. UArt 400, every kind of pastel I own, including a considerable portion in pans.

In case you’re wondering, it’s my interpretation of the Hubble photograph of the lagoon nebula. Painting from Hubble photographs is one of my greatest joys. I call it an interpretation, because it’s not entirely true to the photo… And I don’t care. ? My goal was to give the feeling of the depth, size, mystery, and awe it brings.

You may be able to see that I’ve added just a touch of iridescence to enhance some areas.

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