Year in Review

It’s hard to think what to say about this year as a visual artist without sounding trite. Amazing, delightful, educational, passionate… Humbling, difficult, discouraging: these are all words I could easily ascribe to 2018.

I started the year with some goals. I even typed then up and put them on the refrigerator… And forgot about them until nearly halfway through the year when my granddaughter, now 7 and reading fluently, started reading them aloud one day while visiting.

“GrandEst, have you done these things yet? They are the things you wanted to do this year, right?”

I explained to her that I had done some of them, indeed. I was pleased to realize that although I had not read them over in months, I was still making progress.

After that I took them off the refrigerator. No sense in leaving myself open to humiliation by that sweet girl, haha! But I found them again the other day, and discovered that I had, indeed, completed many of them.

Time to start thinking about next year’s goals.

Here’s a collage of a somewhat random selection of my paintings from 2018. One of them won an award, and two of them are in an exhibit right now.

I’ve been working on a gift painting for a family member… Can’t wait to post about it, but it has to remain a secret until after Christmas, of course. Meanwhile, it’s time to clean, organize and rearrange my studio space. As it looks like this painting thing is here to stay, it’s time to consider more permanent arrangements there, maybe even repainting the walls. Subscribe to the blog if you’d like to keep up!

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