Where to Find Recent Work; Weekly Digest 1.15.2021

Ladies and gents, I know it will come as a surprise to you but…

…I am human. No really! I like to think of myself (and I have been called by others) a Magical Freaking Unicorn, but I’m really just a humble, self-employed artist and musician who doesn’t always have time to put work up here on the website. I do try to update once a month at least, but if you want the really fresh stuff, you may have to look elsewhere.

So today I’m sharing with you where you are more likely to see recent works, and current life circumstances.

I post daily or almost daily on Instagram. Click below to check it out.

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Having said that, I’m going to try something new and see how we like it: I want to post a “digest” post here each week or so, combining all the things I posted on Instagram during the week. Just in case you don’t follow me over there for whatever reason.

I suggest you subscribe to the blog (scroll to the bottom of the page) so that you can receive notifications when I post a blog article. Especially if you are making the choice to leave Facebook and Instagram, This is the best place to keep up with me: and I do seriously want to stay in touch with you. So much so, that I’m considering another addition to this website to create another option for cultivating our community.

Below is the digest for this last week. Things have been SO BUSY (and this is a good thing) that painting has taken a back seat. This makes me terribly sad so I am adjusting my schedule to allow for at least one full working day to make art. We’ll see how that goes!

SOLD. “Pecos Bills” is now established in a new home. I think I may have to paint this again, though, because I love ducks and the light and the reflections.

We had SNOW yesterday; that makes twice in a month. In Central Texas, that’s practically a miracle. I’ve lived here for 20 years, and can count on one hand the number of times it’s actually snowed… And two of those were in the last two weeks!

It was delightful. It is also delightful that it is now gone. No worries with dangerous driving.

Available unframed for $272 here on the website, or framed at Highland Arts Gallery in Marble Falls Texas

Thanks if you checked any of those out. Double thanks if you chose to follow me on the Gram.

Personal Update

Why has my week been so busy? Two very good reasons: 1) business is picking up for my music teaching business! My schedule is filling faster than I expected, and that’s so encouraging. Some of you already know that I resigned from my public school teaching job and am now trying to see if I can fly on my own. It’s starting to look as if I might be able to make it work!

2) Having entered a new season of life for many reasons, not the least of which is the one stated above, I’m considering selling my (most loved) house. So I have been meeting with realtors and painters and utilities people and and and…

…all in the midst of trying to manage a growing business.

I’m looking forward to Saturday, when I will get to sleep in, meet virtually with my art buddies during the Central Texas Pastel Society monthly meeting, take a nap, and hopefully start filming a new tutorial.

I’ll be back next week if not before. Until then, remember to look for the music, listen for the colors, and do whatever it takes to awaken the wonder in your heart. I wish you beauty, merrie joyfulness, peace, purpose and inspiration. Godspeed.

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