When the underpainting talks

It rarely happens as of yet. In my few years of pastel painting, it’s happened probably 4 or 5 times… At least when I was aware.

I’ve heard other artists mention it… They might say “I started this painting and it just told me what it wanted.”

My practical mind would cringe. Neither paper nor paint had ever talked in my living memory. What did they mean?

I now have experienced at least one meaning of this expression.

Intending to create an inktense underpainting for the basis of my next still life, serendipity happened.

It spoke, loud and clear. What an extraordinary experience!

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4 thoughts on “When the underpainting talks”

    1. Paulette, I get those when I use either water or alcohol, and after I brush on the color, I spritz it very lightly, then leave it to dry.

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