Weekly Digest 1/29/21: Bluebonnets and Reels

Good morning my wonder-seekers! It is a good day.

I am absolutely determined to re-establish my daily painting habit. My life has been pretty much turned upside down since last September, and more adventure is on the horizon, but I will make creating a priority: after all, it’s my therapy and a calling on my life. It just HAS to happen.

What is in your life that needs to be made a priority?

I have been adding more Reels to my Instagram Feed. It’s fun!

Here’s one that I failed somehow to attach music or audio to at all: I like to show things that artists do that aren’t actually creating art: SO. MANY. THINGS.

Y’ALL I’M SO EXCITED! I’ve collaborated with a local camp ground to coordinate A Plein Air Artist’s Retreat!
I don’t have all the information yet, but it will be April 9-11 at Camp of the Hills, Marble Falls, TX.

It’s perfectly timed for great weather and AMAZING wildflowers, including the marvelous bluebonnets indigenous to our area.

Let me know if you are interested in more information. I don’t have prices yet. There are (Covid distanced) accommodations as well as RV spaces available. You can sign up for one or both days (Friday is arrival with an optional orientation hike to familiarize you with the best views for painting).

Another, larger version of my ducks painting.
As you can tell, I’m still learning about Reels!
Turkeys, and what to do about them.

Personal Update

I’m thrilled to say that my music teaching studio is growing, and so is my art teaching! I decided to start teaching children, because it’s less scary. Besides, I learn so much from them! I can honestly say that children are my favorite people group, next to my family. If you are interested in music or art lessons, please contact me–don’t wait! Times are filling up, and seriously, I’ve blocked out time to create and I won’t be adding teaching times that overlap that.

The house sale idea is still in the works. Painting quotes, and talking with family, and purging in preparation for downsizing and grieving my visions of living in this house for a lot longer are all included in that. I’m looking forward to the adventure, but it’s harder than I thought. I have a lot of support from family and loved ones, so it will happen, and I’m thinking my art studio is going to flourish because of this!

I’m feeling two pulls in my artwork right now: soft pastel florals, and acrylic abstracts. So don’t be surprised when you see some of the abstracts popping up in the gallery store!

I’ll be back soon to share more. Meanwhile…

…follow the wonder, follow delight; find the Source and discover the Light.

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