Sunday 10/7

Sundays at the monastery have a slightly different schedule. I was able to step outside my door and practice some cloud scapes between breakfast and the early demo.

That’s a terrible photo. My apologies.

Karen taught on the use of notans during the morning demo. Following that we again walked directly outside my room and I employed Inktense sticks to create a notan underpainting for a rather successful piece viewing part of the monastery along with some of the beautiful foliage and mountainous landscape.

There was time for another before lunch, so I simply turned my chair slightly and began with another notan. Sometimes a painting takes its own direction. Although it was well before lunch, the painting wanted to be a sunset.

A challenge was issued for the afternoon session: choose a scene, study it for five minutes. Then sketch the scene from memory without looking at the scene, and finally, paint the scene from your sketch.

There were rocks in my chosen view which I simply had to eliminate in the end. Rocks are hard.

Tomorrow is the last day, and my friend and I will leave mid afternoon in order to cut about 3 hours from the 10 hour drive to return on Tuesday.

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