Strength and Calm


his morning my friend and I got up to try to catch the morning light and paint early, since the monastery breakfast is a little later than we usually eat.

We had to bundle up because it was quite chilly. We didn’t bother walking far from our dorm, for everywhere you look here, even indoors, there is something to paint.

Fingers freezing, we completed our studies rather quickly. I have featured mine in this post.

One thing I’ve noticed so far is that the slower pace of life here is in contrast to my normal tempo of “panic stricken”. I realized that even in painting, I was trying to paint as fast as I could so I could paint some more. After making that discovery,I decided to make a conscious effort to slow down.

We gathered and went to breakfast. I love the solidity and comfort of the beams in the main lobby. They helped to bring calm. I’ve included a photo and am considering a painting of them.

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