Steeped in Sunshine

Steeped in Sunshine, 16×20, pastel on paper
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Sometimes people who don’t paint get the idea that an artist just has an idea, then is able to go right to work and make that idea show up in the work.

Not so.

All art is simply a response to the last action taken: a single stroke of brush or pastel. Most of the time, any artist you ask will tell you that when you begin, and you lay down that first stroke, the next thought is “what in the world is THAT? How do I fix it?” and from that moment on its a matter of being brave and responding to each new experiment.

Here is an experiment from this week. It is nearly as far as possible from the original vision I had in my head, but as it emerged the wisdom of letting it takes its own course was impressed on me. After that, I just followed where it led.

Thanks to my oldest daughter for the original idea and consultations during the setting up and photographing of this still life, as well as encouragement to forge on!

Be brave! Put down the first mark. React to that. Then react to that. Continue until you like it. Voilá you are an artist!

Then go have a cup of tea. In the sunshine, if at all possible.

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  1. Hi there…. my name (my first name, that is) is Norma Jean. You invited me to send you an email, and this is the only way i can find that will allow me to contact you. Patreon seems to only wish to show me your kitty icon and allow for no further contact. My email is listed below. I have others, but that is one i visit here lately. I’ll google as you requested. I look forward to seeing your hair clips and i’ve bookmarked your shop so i can spend some real time there. I’ll be back.

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