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Standing Room Only–16×20 $272 unframed.
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Bluebonnets and Longhorns. What could be more Texian? (Yes, Texian is a word.)

These intimidating but adorable longhorn ladies are pets to friends of mine who graciously allowed me to come and photograph them. I’m learning to see good composition more often, and when they lumbered into this line up, I quickly snapped several versions, hoping to get them all looking my way at once. For one split second, it happened!

There were no bluebonnets at the time, of course… This was in December! But no matter. I’m an artist and can create beauty where I want it. It’s one of the intense joys of the artist’s life.

Here are some process photos, start to finish.

Initial drawing.
Block in.
Adding color, checking perspective. First cow’s head is too big! Must adjust.
Add bluebonnets. After more refining (and giving the second cow a back leg!) the painting will be finished (see first photo at top of article).

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