Spring Break 2019 Plein Air Self Challenge

If you give a teacher a Spring Break… And she’s an artist, she might decide to paint everyday.

If she decides to paint everyday, she might decide to paint outside.

Since she’s a teacher, and therefore guaranteed to be an ambitious type, she might challenge herself to paint outside everyday during spring break.

If that happens… There WILL be adventures.

Each of these paintings has a bit of a story behind it. Some were fun or relaxing. Some did not turn out well, and one was a victim of a lack of diligence and no longer exists in it’s original form.

The main point, though, is that I completed this part of my personal challenge to myself! And I can tell you that it was actually quite exhausting–i really didn’t expect that.

There was another part of the challenge that I was unable to meet… Mostly that was because I underestimated how much time my other, necessary activities would take. (When does a teacher go to the doctor for check ups, get the car inspected, etc? Spring Break!) I had set a goal to paint at least 3 hours a day. It just didn’t happen.

I am satisfied with my success! Painting out will probably never be my main way of producing paintings, but I know it will improve my studio paintings.

When have you had success–even if not totally–in reaching a goal you set for yourself?

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