I’ve barely had time to think, much less type the last few days. Friday afternoon I got some great news twice!

First, I got the news that all my medical labs looked awesome. Just a check up for prescription refills, but everything looked great.

Then I got the voicemail saying this painting has sold!

I love the idea of the light being on the other side of the bridge. You can see it from this side, but you will have to cross it to get to the light. This is an analogy for so many things in life. I can think of three things right off the top of my head. I’d love you to tell me about what the analogy brings to your mind?

It was just a snow study that I did while hanging out at the Highland Art Guild one Saturday recently, from a photo reference gleaned from the Facebook group Photos For Artists. The photographer was Clare Treacy Egan. Then I packaged it unframed and popped it in the magazine file for unframed works at the Guild Gallery.

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