Seeing things with your heart

Snow scene in pastels
To Grandmother’s House: 8X10 on UArt 400, watercolor underpainting, iridescent pastel medium for the last touches so it sparkles!

I don’t now and never have lived in an area with much snow, but I enjoy painting it! I use reference photos most of the time–this one was kindly donated by a fellow member named Jim Zarembka of our Monet Cafe Facebook group–but I have to see it with my heart to put it on paper.

Did you know that you can purchase both originals and prints (either on traditional high quality paper or canvas, or interesting items like cards, fleece blankets or phone cases?) in my shop at Fine Art America? I will add this one soon. Click over if you’re interested.

Finally back to painting after the great studio clean up. I try to do this twice a year, usually at Christmas Break and during the summer. Those are the seasons I can give concentrated time to cleaning and reorganizing.

This Christmas it was a bigger job than usual for a couple of reasons: my collection of things to paint and things to paint with has slowly increased, causing my original work flow plan to become crowded and more of a hindrance. In addition, I gave my big freezer away to my son and daughter in law, which opened up a lot of room. Oh… And I also admitted my cardboard addiction and created a cardboard “corral” in my garage instead of letting it be a fire hazard in the studio. (Don’t judge me! Haha. Do you have a similar addiction?)

It took much longer than I thought because of all the changes in things since my mother became ill–it fell to me to cook Christmas feast, as well as all the usual travel and company.

Below are before and after photos.

Messy studio

Ugh! What a mess

Clean studio

Ready for Merry painting!

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