Rose Tea Reverie

Rose Tea Reverie, 16×20. $272 unframed

As some of you may know, this last weekend I hosted a tea party open studio. It was such a blast, both getting ready for it as well as the event itself.

One fun thing was to promise to paint a piece specifically for the tea party and give the guests the privilege of the first view. This was harder than I thought because I’m so used to posting things in my groups to ask for feedback!

I didn’t like the first attempt, and panicked a bit when it just didn’t say what I wanted it to say. But I’d made the promise so there was nothing for it but to “gird my loins” so to speak and try again.

Rose Tea Reverie says exactly what I wanted to say. That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect painting by any means, but I’m focusing these days on the emotion and message of my painting pieces… And this one has the exact feeling I wanted.

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