Prayer of the Bee

Painting of bee on wisteria
Is the bee or the wisteria praying? Maybe both. 8×10, available unframed $68

I know I keep saying this, but it’s true: I learn so much when researching a painting!

Usually it’s when I’m surfing the internet looking for inspiration for a title for the piece.

Momma has a beautiful white wisteria vine growing at the corner of their house. This spring when it bloomed, the bees were practically swarming it. I managed to get a couple of interesting photos of bees on the blooms as well as some of just the flowers.

This one intrigued me from the beginning.

Once I finished, I went looking for inspiration, as I often do, on the internet. My first tactic is to search for “poems about (fill in the subject of your painting)”. Then I look through the images available (that’s faster and more interesting than clicking on the text links).

I stumbled across a webpage claiming that wisteria symbolizes prayer… and that’s how I arrived at a title for this.

I’m thinking this will make a lovely card, phone case, or tote bag!

Of Interest To Artists

This is an 8×10 painting on Bristol paper treated with Micaceous Iron Oxide and toned with a light magenta acrylic ink.

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