Plein Air Report

Lehne Ranch Backroad, 8 X 10, SOLD
Plein Air set up early morning

I have a goal to do a lot more plein air work, so I’ve been making the effort to do so. It helps a lot that where I live is just crammed with great scenes to paint.

My walking partner lives in a subdivision that is sparsely populated and further out of town. This makes for a wonderful walk as well as beautiful scenes for painting. That’s the source of the top photo. She has purchased it and it will soon be framed and hanging in her home.

One day when I was driving to her place to walk, I passed the next scene, which I’ve always thought was a fabulous one to try to capture. I got up early the next day in time to try to catch the light. It took brutally fast work to catch what light I did, but I think it really helped me get the important parts down quickly. I’ll likely paint it again from the photos I took, but I’m quite happy with how this study turned out.

This one isn’t plein air, but it is from a vista of my walking partner’s subdivision.

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