Pink Tea for the Ladies

It never fails that I learn something delightful when I paint. Sometimes it’s something about painting, but often it’s about the subject of the painting. I’ve learned about bees, bluebonnets, pollinators and pink ladies.

These flowers, called Pink Ladies or Pink Evening Primrose are a common sight along our highways this time of year.

I mistook them for another common weed known to me as bind weed. But these are not related to that invasive and destructive plant.

Pink Ladies are delicate, pink/purple primroses that close up at night to preserve moisture. I enjoy seeing them blowing in the breeze. I tried to capture that delight with this painting.

The moths were an after thought… And I was thinking of them as butterflies. I have been wanting to add these delicate winged insects to a painting because they bring me such joy when I see them flitting over a field of wildflowers.

What I didn’t know is that these are moths, and are the Pink Ladies’ favorite pollinators.

The last thing I discovered is that these plants are edible! If you pick them early, before they bloom, you can add them to your salad.

I hope this brings you some Pink delight today!

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