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I invite you into this ancient, divine magic of art and music. May you find beauty, joy, peace, purpose and inspiration here. Godspeed.

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Strength and Calm

T his morning my friend and I got up to try to catch the morning light and paint early, since the monastery breakfast is a little later than we usually eat. We had to bundle up because it was quite chilly. We didn’t bother walking far from our dorm, for everywhere you look here, even […]

Arriving at the Monastery

As soon as we arrived, my art buddy and I threw our belongings in our rooms, grabbed our supplies and headed out the door to paint. All the trip up we had inhaled the beauty of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Somehow the colors are not only different, but more intense. The distances, of […]

Freaky Weather

Today, about an hour into our drive toward Santa Fe, my travel partner and I remarried on a pretty line of pink clouds on the Western horizon. We were driving towards the new Mexico border from Lubbock, for reference. I used to live in this region, and I’m pretty familiar with the common weather patterns. […]

Travelogue, Star Date 96355.51

(scroll down for pictures of darling dogs) Yes. You really can get today’s Star Date, ala Star Trek, by simply Googling. This makes me happy, albeit in a small way. Today around noon Central Time, my art buddy and friend Kathy and I begin our trek to New Mexico for a Karen Margulis workshop. Staged […]

More of the beach

When we all arrived at the beach early on a Saturday morning in September, this is the scene we witnessed. We were all a bit apprehensive that after all our extensive planning to make this trip happen, we would be cooped up in the cabin the whole weekend. A few minutes after we arrived though, […]

Collage and studio

Over on the 30 in 30 page, Leslie Saeta ( suggested making a collage of our 30 paintings, so I spent a pleasant half hour doing that yesterday. Unfortunately it turns out that to do it with Pic Monkey you have to sign up for a subscription…I will cancel before my 7-day free trial expires. […]

30 of 30!

Woohoo! I made it! I had so much fun… No dithering about underpaintings, local color vs imaginary colors, detail vs abstract… Just choose something simple and get it down. I was forced to keep it easy and simple because I generally have less than 30 minutes a day to paint during the school year. This […]

29 of 30

Another reader submission. My pastor has been a generous supporter of my art from the beginning. When I asked for ideas to help me with finishing the challenge, he sent several, including a sightly overexposed close up of this adorable lady bug. This is one of my favorites, and it came together FAST. As in, […]

28 of 30

How many of you recognize this type of container? All my growing up years, there was a white one with black trim that sat on our stove. Momma would put bacon drippings in it for use in other recipes. However, it is a coffee pot! The filter worked well to screen out the bacon grease […]

27 of 30

It’s so exciting that I’ve made it this far! This is another reader idea. It was fun making myself see the actual colors and ignoring my brain telling me that it was all black! Of course, both realities are true… Which makes me think that perhaps in life this idea might extend to many things. […]

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