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I invite you into this ancient, divine magic of art and music. May you find beauty, joy, peace, purpose and inspiration here. Godspeed.

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A Loving Home

I’m happy to report that two of my paintings are now hanging on the wall of a dear friend and collector. The top one is hard to see because it is a nocturne. My friend spent a lot of time in Germany years ago, but lost many of her photos. This one was one of […]

Speaking of Traditions

I sat in silence for about an hour this morning. Ok, not total silence, because I was listening to one of my favorite Christmas albums full of worshipful songs. While I sat there, contemplating the Great Gift given us, an art technique video I had watched this morning and the view of my own Christmas […]

Fun Traditions

What fun traditions surround the holidays for you? Our family has traditions of making time to drive around and look at the lights, singing carols together, having broccoli and hollandaise sauce for our festive meal. As the season winds down, we’ve almost completed celebrating all of these, which is a big accomplishment when we all […]

Year in Review

It’s hard to think what to say about this year as a visual artist without sounding trite. Amazing, delightful, educational, passionate… Humbling, difficult, discouraging: these are all words I could easily ascribe to 2018. I started the year with some goals. I even typed then up and put them on the refrigerator… And forgot about […]

The things we do for love

Just a quick post to share a bit of what I’m working on… It’s a Christmas gift, so I can’t share the actual painting yet. A dragon was specifically requested. There are no reference photos of dragons, of course, so thankfully there are a lot of great artists who have managed to make up and […]

Wishes For Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! I hope this post finds you anticipating and enjoying the season. One of the gifts I have unknowingly given myself is a mentor. It has paid off more than once, and I’m so grateful to her for her generosity. For this painting, I really felt like I needed some professional […]

When the underpainting talks

It rarely happens as of yet. In my few years of pastel painting, it’s happened probably 4 or 5 times… At least when I was aware. I’ve heard other artists mention it… They might say “I started this painting and it just told me what it wanted.” My practical mind would cringe. Neither paper nor […]


I’ve barely had time to think, much less type the last few days. Friday afternoon I got some great news twice! First, I got the news that all my medical labs looked awesome. Just a check up for prescription refills, but everything looked great. Then I got the voicemail saying this painting has sold! I […]

Nocturne Challenge

I never thought painting night scenes would be so fun! The challenge on my favorite Facebook group this month, and for January in my pastel society group is nocturnes. I didn’t really have any phot\no references, so I began to keep my eye out for something interesting. One morning low fog was blanketing my town. […]

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