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I invite you into this ancient, divine magic of art and music. May you find beauty, joy, peace, purpose and inspiration here. Godspeed.

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WDS Inspiration #1

It’s been an exciting week, here. Although I was experiencing a bit of a low concerning my art, the Central Texas Flood of 2018 distracted me a bit from all that. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have only suffered minor inconveniences. Compared to the damages some will be dealing with for months, I […]

Pumpkins in the a flood

We’ll, we’ve had an exciting and disastrous time in our area today, with no let up in sight, unfortunately. The Flood of 2018 will definitely go down in history. Fortunately, I am high and dry, and likely to stay that way. But there’s no traveling unless necessary–school was cancelled early today. What does an artist […]

Art Journaling

Making an art journal for the sake of journaling has never really interested me. I know that many people benefit from the practice, whether it’s for mental health or just capturing the essence of a place while traveling. It’s just not really something that I feel motivated to do. During the workshop I recently attended, […]

Travelogue Wrap Up and Photos

Today was a travel day, so no painting. I thought I’d post a few photos from my trip. Pumpkin patch we wanted on our way up. Old church in Taiban New Mexico. We couldn’t resist the temptation to get out and photograph it from every angle! Kathy and I at the Rodeo Grill in Ft […]

Monday 10/8 Final Day

We were all feeling tired and subdued this morning. The amount of work it takes to generate so much creativity can really wear you out, especially if you don’t do that on a regular basis anyway. But we dove into the morning demo and enjoyed watching as Karen showed us how to respond to a […]

Sunday 10/7

Sundays at the monastery have a slightly different schedule. I was able to step outside my door and practice some cloud scapes between breakfast and the early demo. That’s a terrible photo. My apologies. Karen taught on the use of notans during the morning demo. Following that we again walked directly outside my room and […]

Saturday 10/6

I want able to post this yesterday due to a WiFi outage, so I’m catching up. I got up early and painted my tree again. The focus was on painting water today, so after the demo we hiked down to the pond where two enormously fat white ducks live. I started the painting, but it […]

Friday’s Efforts

The word of the day for the workshop was simplify. After a rich demonstration, we were challenged to try to paint a “360 in 60”: pick a spot, and attempt to paint facing four different directions. I didn’t manage four, only two. The wind was quite breezy, so I have yet to actually set up […]

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