Newsletter Second Quarter 2019–My Very First Merry Heartist Letter!

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Recent Blog Posts and Paintings

Heilman Single Sketchbox Review

Here is the first of the reviews I’ve been promising–this little sketchbox is going to free me up to paint out and paint out more often! Find this box at Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 179…

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IAPS 2019

What is the ultimate play date for pastel artists? The International Association of Pastel Societies conference, of course! Just imagine seeing, eating, chatting and learning with numbers of master pastelists, all of whom were approachable, generous and encouraging. Walking at your leisure through a roomful of the very highest quality pastel paintings from all over…

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Bluebonnets in Sunset

I was angry. I can’t even remember what I was angry about, except that it was something about my art. I was at that point which most artists experience frequently–the one where I ask myself if I should even bother continuing painting–just give it up and spend the rest of my life watching reruns of…

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Bitterweed Grace

Bitterweed Grace, 16X20, pastel on paper. $272 Unframed. Buy This Painting Life lessons: the bitter can end beautifully. I know it can, because just look at these flowers! They are so beautiful– and this year they are so plentiful!–and yet the are named bitterweed.Brown bitterweed. I wish for a better name for them, one more…

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Merry Heartist Happenings

Past: IAPS 2019, Artist of the Month

IAPS 2019 was an amazing experience. I don’t even have words for all of it! There were some glitches: I ended up getting home a day late due to the effects of weather on airplane schedules, but in the end, that turned out very well, giving me more time with my long-time friend. I hadn’t seen Sandy in 15 or 20 years! You can read about it on my blog…see the link above. I’ll be adding more information, demo notes, product reviews, and technique demonstrations as time goes on.

June was a stellar month for me because not only did I get to go to IAPS, but I was the featured Artist of the Month at the Highland Arts Gallery! Picture on Facebook and in the newspaper, etc. That has really been a booster for my confidence, I can tell you, and I’m truly grateful to the gallery for choosing me.

Present: Newsletter, painting!

I’ll be painting, of course, hopefully doing a lot of plein air: I’m even planning a paint out with friends and members of the Central Texas Pastel Society. That’s TBA right now…I’m waiting to find out about some eye surgery that needs to be scheduled this summer.

You are reading my very first newsletter! I’d love it if you shared it…simply forward the email or link to any of your contacts you think would appreciate it. At this time I’m keeping it simple and seldom: you’ll receive it only quarterly, so your inbox won’t be spammed! It will contain news of up-coming activities and shows, recent blog posts and paintings, some of my thoughts on a theme, and…wait for it…

…DISCOUNTS. Yes! In every newsletter there will be discounts and/or private sales made available only for my newsletter readers. My goal is to give my babies (paintings) loving homes. I’ve heard from many of you that adopting my babies can sometimes seem a little expensive, so I’m thrilled to make that easier for you. (scroll down to find the one included in this issue).

Future: Shows, Book and product reviews and technique demonstrations and teaching.

I’ll be teaching my VERY FIRST private pastel art lesson soon–so excited! And the day after I’ll teach my first pastel art class! Be sure to contact me if you’re interested in a pastel primer (or you know someone who might be).

I’ll be signing up to show at Numinous Coffee Roasters in Marble Falls soon–I’ll announce it on social media and the blog when I have a date for that.

IAPS inspired me so much! I’ll be doing some product reviews, some technique demonstrations, as well as highlighting the demos I attended including NOTES so you can get a taste of them yourself!

Many of my art friends have expressed an interest in art book reviews on video, so I’m gearing up to take on that project as well.

Prayer Requests

If you’d like to lend prayer support, here are some specific requests:

  1. For the eye surgery to be successful. It’s a fairly common-place surgery and should put me out of commission only a day or so–maybe not that long
  2. For my relationships with other artists to be God glorifying
  3. For my motivations to be Godward in creating art.

Thoughts on A Theme

Are you one of those who has said “I don’t have a creative bone in my body. I can’t even draw a stick figure!” or perhaps you’ve made the comment “wow, you’re so talented!” to someone whose work you admire?

Well, I’d like to bust the myth!

It’s probably true that your first efforts to create art were disappointing. But think for a moment about a baby taking it’s first steps. The first efforts are truly disappointing!

But does that baby stop trying? Of course not. He tries again in a few minutes. His first tries are seemingly pointless to anyone watching, or even maybe hilariously funny. He never gives up, however, and after awhile, you notice that he can stand on his own, holding onto something. Then he can stand alone without holding on, or even while holding a toy!

How long does it take a baby to learn to walk? It takes however long it takes. Every baby is different.

This is how artistic ability works. You will be bad at first–everybody is bad at first! It’s very interesting to note that in no other activity do we expect to be good right off the bat. Only artistic endeavors are judged so harshly.

Do you have a desire to make some art? Then make some! Then make some more…and some more…and some more. You don’t have to show anybody what you make. If you need some help, look up articles and YouTube tutorials…it is easier than ever to learn new things in this day of the internet.

But perhaps you are realizing that all you really wanted to do when you said those things about no creativity or not being able to draw was to compliment the artist.

I hope to write more on this subject soon, maybe on the blog, so keep an eye out. But for now, I, the artist want to say this:

Thank you for your encouragement. And YES, you can and do.

Studio Clean-out Sale

During July and August I will be hosting an inventory reduction sale to get some paintings into new homes so I can make more!

These sale prices are ONLY for original art and will not apply in my website gallery store for other products. The sale will end on August 31. The specific pieces for sale are presented in three galleries here on my website (see links below), and I will also post them on my social media accounts during the sale, so be sure and follow me on Facebook and Instagram as well as on my blog to get the latest information.

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