New Lessons and Services Available

Wonderful readers, I wanted to share with you some opportunities I’ve been able to open up for you.

First of all, my private music studio is now open for booking lessons–yes, the Magical Freaking-out Unicorn Music teacher is BAAAACCKKK! Click below to access more information.

After many requests, I’m also opening up the private art studio for booking lessons as well. Click below to read more.

I’m also starting a new, local, pastel class at Highland Arts Gallery in Marble Falls. Here is the poster for it. If you contact me below, I’ll sign you up and send you the materials list.

Also announcing that I have been accepted to teach on Outschool. What is Outschool? Outschool is a community marketplace of online classes for kids. We help parents find and register for great classes that are offered outside of regular school.

I can’t believe how much fun I’m having creating and teaching unique classes in art and music. The music classes are a little slower to be added since I’m still developing them, but you can request private Zoom lessons for your children through the link. It’s free to sign up–indeed, they will PAY you to sign up: you will get a $20 credit to use on any classes you might find. That’s more than enough to book several of my classes.

Saving the real fun for last: PAINT PARTIES. I’ve got some fun painting ideas at which even someone who can’t draw a stick person can succeed! How do I know? My daughter joined in on the fun one afternoon. She almost refused to participate because she kept repeating “I’ll just mess it up. I can’t even draw a stick figure!”

But she did a beautiful job, and was pleased with her results. Click the button for more details

Please contact me below to discuss any details or questions about these new lessons and services. You are so wonderful I can’t wait to get started!

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