My First Official Series

To rest for a few minutes, just out of sight of the crowd; to listen yet not be seen or heard, or to hear only the wind, the leaves, and the birds is precious to introverts and ambiverts alike.

They say that what is in your heart will come out when you paint. These pieces were intended to be very festive and joyful–and they are, but instead of having the party atmosphere I anticipated, they are more about that precious moment of stillness and reflection before, during or after the party. There’s probably a reason for that deep in my heart.

Each is from the same reference photo and began the same way, with an alcohol wash. Each used basically the same palette. Before I began painting, I worked out all three as sketches. I wanted to work out three viable compositions and choose the best: but in the end I couldn’t decide and produced all three paintings.

Which do you like best? Are you extrovert, introvert or ambivert? What word or words does each image bring to your mind?

Plaza de la Fiesta. 16×20. $272 unframed. The first of three.
Fiesta Siesta. 16×20. $272 unframed. Second of three
Tarde de la Fiesta. 16×20. $272 unframed. Third of three.

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