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Mrs. Esther’s Education Services: Providing academic motivation, homeschool coaching, music and art instruction for mindful parents in the Marble Falls and surrounding area.

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My heart has gone out to parents who are new to this whole schooling at home thing. You made the choice to send your child to public school for good reasons: and now, there are just as good reasons to keep them home.

You may be struggling with all the education duties on top of your regular job while trying to help your children keep learning. It’s hard, and even sometimes impossible.

I’m here for you.

Hi, my name is Esther L Jones. I have raised four amazing human beings, home schooling them even when I became a single mom. Three of them spent some time in private school and one of them even spent some time in public school.

I am a certified teacher in the state of Texas, and have been teaching music in our local public schools for eight years. I know the platforms and technology. I know the lingo.

Whether you as a parent would like to involve your student in safe music or art education, need some coaching to help you understand this new home schooling thing, or you could use some help with monitoring your student’s online schoolwork, you will find it here.

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