Monday 10/8 Final Day

We were all feeling tired and subdued this morning. The amount of work it takes to generate so much creativity can really wear you out, especially if you don’t do that on a regular basis anyway.

But we dove into the morning demo and enjoyed watching as Karen showed us how to respond to a unique Artgraf pigmented graphite underpainting.

Although Kathy and I could have stayed after to engage in a timed challenge, but sure had spotted a delightful hillside of dried grasses and weeds that was being to be painted. The weather was cool and beautiful, the air fresh from the rains, and we wanted to be outside for our last paint session.

Here is my interpretation:

I will definitely paint it again! I really enjoyed it and need to practice rocks anyway.

After lunch and the final demo, we were called up first during the traditional sharing time since we planned to leave and drive a bit to cut down on the time in the car on Tuesday.

Karen suggested we share three paintings, including our favorite; then tell something we learned, something we want to work on and whether we met our goal.

I learned that I am drawn to more intimate paintings; I don’t really enjoy painting the big vistas. I want to work to slow down during the preparation and finishing processes and pay more attention to detail.

My goal was to learn whether I needed to slow down, and I discovered that it would be good for me to at certain points during the painting process.

I’ve had such a great time and feel that I learned a lot. I look forward to implementing it all in future paintings!

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