Light and Silence

Light and Silence. 16X20, pastel on self-prepared surface. See link below to order Christmas cards with this image. Unframed, $272

There’s a moment, a special moment, a few hours after midnight, early on Christmas day. The silence is drenched in peace and pulsing with sacred nuance.

Few experience it, but if you have, you never forget the stillness and joy of it.

At our house we have a tradition that on Christmas Eve only, the tree lights are left burning all night. If I’m blessed with a reason to get up at that early hour, while it’s still dark and the anticipation of or family celebration is building, I will take the opportunity to rest a few moments in the light-infused living room and allow the sacredness of the season to envelop and comfort me.

I breathe softly in the light and the silence, mindful of the Light that has come.

Light and Silence Christmas Card
by TheMerryHeartistsArt

Original art only. Contact me for details!

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