‘Inner Critic’ From Art Journal Club Meeting

“Paint your inner critic” was or prompt for last night’s at journal club meeting.

Two of the artists from last night were willing to share their art with the world! For safety, I have obscured their faces and names.

At the end of class we have a gallery walk and then artists get to explain their thinking from their own piece. I was blown away by the raw power of the explanations for these.

“This is a shadow. He says ‘you’re dumb!’ to me”

“The colors all mean something. The dark red is anger. The yellow eyes want to see something good, but the green nose means it smells bad. The blue coming out of the mouth is saying sad things. I don’t know what the orange means but it is my least favorite color.”

*shudders*. Kids are so real. I’m so proud of these artists for being willing to share and put their art out in the world!

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