Impulsivity and 30 in 30

Ok y’all. About a week ago I told my daughter who lives with me “Under no circumstances are you to allow me to commit to ANYTHING else this fall.”

But… I just listened to the Artists Helping Artists podcast, which was on the subject of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Leslie and Margaret have 10 such great reasons for participating that I threw caution to the wind and said “yes! I’m going to do this!”

Let me give you a little going into what was going through my head: 1) I’m considering this a ‘dry run’ for next year’s 30 in 30. No pressure! 2) my theme is ‘one thing’, so all I have to paint each day is one thing–one apple, one flower, one cloud, one teapot. 3) I had a bunch of small pieces of paper cut anyway, so I’ve taped several onto one backing board and will really simplify the process.

So I think I can do it! Join me on my blog or visit to keep up with me and everyone else who is doing it.

Can I do it? We’ll see!

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