How a Pastelist Created a Watercolor Art Collection

Watercolor art, ink, and GLITTER?

How did a Pastelist like me decide to create art like this?

This collection which communicates feelings of delight, sweetness, fun, funkiness, vintage, and light came from an art challenge.

A month ago I was part of a class intended to help artists find more joy in making art. Now, I’m not lacking in joy in my art at all, but it seemed like a lot of fun. This collection came from one of the challenges in that class. The guidelines called for :

1. Choosing a common subject that you usually paint

2. Choosing a material and a medium that is already in your studio but that you rarely use.

3. Play!

So I channeled my inner third grader and got to it…

…It is art and crafts time, and on the table in front of you is an assortment of art supplies for you to share with your friends at your table. There are watercolors, ink, brushes, pencils, and, what else? Wait…it’s in a clear plastic box…it gleams in the fluorescent light…GLITTER!

By the end of class, no matter how hard you tried to follow directions, there is glitter everywhere. You and your friends are giggling as you find little flakes of fairy light in each others’ hair, on your cheeks, noses, chins and clothes.

There are 10 blank greeting cards, 3 mini sketch books, 6 5X7 framed pieces, and a collage.

Click the link to read more and shop the collection.

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