Beach sunrise
“A New Delight”, 11X14 on Richeson Gator Foam Premium pastel surface. Unframed, $154. A beautiful sunrise over the beach. SOLD

I teach my elementary music students that harmony is when two or more notes are heard at the same time and sound good. So it was interesting to me when I learned that harmony, especially color harmony, is important in painting.

In order to achieve color harmony, one technique is to make sure that each color you use is used in more than one place in the painting. This gives the viewer a sense that it all belongs together.

I had so much fun making sure this painting was harmonious! Thanks to Debbie Swauger who contributed the photo reference to the members’ album in the Monet Cafe Facebook group. I’m hoping to win the challenge this month and get one of my paintings on the banner of the page.

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