Hardy Texas Blues

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Painting of bluebonnets
Hardy Texas Blues–we long for them even after they are gone! 9X12 pastel on self prepared surface $81. Click on the image to see it and other purchase options in my store.

Using a New Product

I realized recently that all my Bluebonnet paintings had found homes, so it was time to try another.

A few days ago, a new product arrived at my studio, and I was equally anxious to use it as I was to paint more bluebonnets.

Micaceous Iron Oxide from Golden

So last night I pulled out a pad of 80lb Bristol someone had given me, and coated a sheet of it with this new product: Golden’s Micaceous Iron Oxide.

Applying the product
Applying the Micaceous Iron Oxide to a piece of 80lb Bristol. I added a little water to it just for ease of application

I had no idea whether the paper would even handle the coating…I just used it because I had it on hand.

This morning, on arriving in the studio, I found a flexible but nicely sanded iridescent gray surface. Naturally, I taped it up and began painting.

I found the surface quite nice–keeping in mind that I enjoy very textured surfaces on which to paint. The coating does take on the brush strokes, so next time I’ll pay more attention to that and use those strokes to enhance the painting I’m planning.

While still having plenty of texture, the surface seemed kinder to my pastels than some others I’ve tried.

I’m interested to know whether I can change the color of the Micaceous Iron Oxide… Maybe lighten it a bit in order to use a wet underpainting or something. I’ll be sure to report here when I’ve tried something new!

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