Glorious Stillness

Glorious Stillness; 16×18 pastel on oil stain underpainting. $245 unframed
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There’s no moment quite like coming upon fall color mirrored in still water under a brilliant sky in chilly air while all is silent.

I seldom get the opportunity to finish a piece in one day. It just so happened that the last couple of days I’ve spent my time in the studio cleaning up, organizing and preparing for my best couple of paintings.

So I was totally ready to begin this one, having completed the oil stain underpainting last evening. My Thanksgiving guests notified me that they were running late–and I rejoiced all the way to my studio!

Near my home, a five minute walk down the street and around the corner, is a small, man-made lake, which has been there long enough that we’ve all forgotten it’s man-made. On a quick walk a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this beautiful scene and snapped a photo.

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