Gladness Breathes

Gladness Breathes 16X20 pastel on UArt 400

How to get the beauty from inside to outside

Gladness breathes. When you have gladness, let it breathe out into the world. God knows we can all use some!

It is my firm belief that there are things inside us that need to come out. Many times these are things that will make the world a better place, and yet we ignore them or our mindset is such that we fail to realize they exist.

“I’m not an artist”, “I can’t even draw a stick figure”, “I wish I had your talent”. I hear these so often these days.

I want to ask; how do you know you are not an artist? What is an artist, anyway?

Why would you want to draw a stick figure? Draw something wild and free!

Why would you want my talent, when you have a perfectly good one of your own?

Go breathe out your gladness. I don’t care if you breathe it out in paint, house cleaning or welding or computer code. Please breathe it out… We’re dying for a breath of it!

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