Gently Glow the Firewheels

Landscape with red flowers
The Firewheels have been kissed by the lowering sun…and they are blushing! 16×20 UArt 400. $272 unframed. Click on the photo to be taken to my store.

The sun begins to slip down toward late afternoon. The firewheels preserve the glow of their infatuation with Sol’s warmth as long as they can: they are in love. Like a young girl who refuses to wipe away the first kiss for as long as she can, savoring the thrill, the warmth and the sweetness long after the lover has gone, and blushing each time.

Of Interest to Artists

Artgraph blocks are quickly becoming my favorite underpainting technique!

Wet underpaintings in general have been my favorite for a long time–there’s just something about swishing things around that’s inspiring and fun. I think it encourages me to be looser with my painting later, as well.

Here are progress photos.

I added a LOT of colors to this… But mostly neutrals of the ones you see.

See those words on the right? I’m beginning to make myself write some descriptive words that express my vision of the painting before I begin. I really think it helps me slow down and think, resulting in a better end product.

It doesn’t much matter that the result isn’t what the words say… Sometimes the painting speaks louder, and that’s ok, as long as I’m listening.

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