Gathering Memories

Gathering Memories 16×20, pastel $272 unframed
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I had to try another one to see if I could get the vision in my head. As often happens, I couldn’t. But the painting still has a wonderful feel–or so I’m told.

I’ve tried to understand why I love teapots and teacups so much. I don’t actually use them much: I’d rather have a big mug of tea, if I’m going to have tea at all.

So it’s got to be the gracefulness of the shape, the delightful designs and colors, and the feeling of comfort, companionship and beauty that seem to be embodied in them.

What better time than one of “social distancing” to remember the gift of being together?

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4 thoughts on “Gathering Memories”

  1. Toshia Beaman

    I have the same fascination with tea cups. I love how graceful they are, and how peaceful it makes me feel…it’s so much harder to feel grumpy with a pretty tea cup in your hand. But I too choose to use an extra big mug daily instead, because life is to fast for all those extra refills. I think I’m may have a pretty cup of tea this morning.

    1. Ha! We are kindred spirits, then. But every so often I make myself get one out and make a cuppa and sit and enjoy it. For that 15 minutes, I deny the tyranny of the urgent! Besides, being a practical person to a point, I hate having things around that are useful but don’t get used. Do you collect tea cups?

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