Garden Shed, Old Home Place

Garden Shed, Old Home Place. 16×20. Not yet available for sale.

When I showed this painting of her garden shed to my mom, she remarked, “that’s how I always WANTED it to look.”

Which is a slightly bittersweet comment. But what a joy and honor to immortalize it in the way she wanted it to look! This is one reason I love painting! Photography can’t do that.

Of course, I painted it the way I wanted it. It was fortunate that my vision and hers were similar, because I didn’t know whether she even had a vision for it.

I’m having so much fun getting ready for my first annual tea party! It will be open studio, so my art will be on display and my working area open for the curious… I’m always surprised at how interesting people find my studio.

Here’s the link if you’d like to give me your address and receive a snail mail invitation.

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