Gaillardias for Daddy

Pastel painting of red and yellow wildflowers and
Gaillardias For Daddy: 11X14 on pastelbord.

I was so hesitant to show my parents my first paintings. Now, mind you, I was a 55 year old woman, and they were well into their eighties. But still, you care what your parents think.

And I have taken on so many projects and pastimes that I eventually gave up on–well, it felt a little embarrassing to share yet another with them.

So I didn’t until I had done several that weren’t too bad.

I didn’t really know what to expect. My parents have always been loving, but have always held me to a high standard. I was relieved and glad that they were impressed and encouraging to me once I shared my new passion with them.

Ever since then, my Daddy has asked for a painting of Gaillardias. Around here we call them Indian Blankets. I tried three or four times, but nothing ever seemed quite right. Finally, I decided to buckle down and paint until I got something worth giving him. He’s 90, after all–I’d hate to miss the opportunity to give him that joy. Even he says he doesn’t buy green bananas anymore!

I pulled out all my photos of Gaillardias and began studying the flowers themselves. It’s so often true that you think you know how a thing looks, but when you try to draw or paint it or even just describe it, you find your never really knew it at all.

Finally I was ready. I created a painting that was satisfying. Then I decided that he might like a different style, so I painted another so that he would have a choice.

I took them to him this morning. He immediately loved the first one, so I’ll be framing that one for him this weekend. I’m so thrilled to have seen his eyes light up with something I made with love for him.

Both paintings are available as prints and other items in my shop. The one he didn’t choose, “When June Comes Dancing”, is also available as an original, unframed at this time.

Red and yellow wildflowers in landscape format.

When June Comes Dancing: 11X14 on UArt 400 with oil stain underpainting. Original available for purchase. $115 , unframed


Here’s a photo of presenting the framed painting to my Dad. There’s also a video of the process.

process video for When June Comes Dancing

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