Freaky Weather

Today, about an hour into our drive toward Santa Fe, my travel partner and I remarried on a pretty line of pink clouds on the Western horizon. We were driving towards the new Mexico border from Lubbock, for reference.

I used to live in this region, and I’m pretty familiar with the common weather patterns.

Within 5 minutes those little pink clouds became a quickly approaching line reaching halfway to the zenith, and all of the sudden we began to wonder what we might be about to drive through.

5 minutes later we were feeling very nervous, and commenting on the strangeness of what we were experiencing.

For artists, it’s all about value and color. At that point we were under complete cloud cover. It was very dark ahead, but there were many unexpected colors in the clouds around us… Pink, purple, green, gray and intense blue.

Although the brooding dark ahead made us nervous, we noticed that there was no wind! It was very still, which gave the whole atmosphere a creepy feeling.

Soon we were into the deepest dark area… It was almost foggy! The sky on one side was low but vast and colored lavender and pink. On the other side it was just as low and vast but foggy, blue, gray and green.

We discussed the exaggerated atmospheric perspective. The feeling of spooky broodiness came up. And then… There was light on the horizon! We could easily tell that we were coming to the edge of this strange phenomenon, and sunlight was in our immediate future!

15 minutes after we remarked on the pretty pink clouds, we were out the other side into your typical sun drenched West Texas farmland.

In all my years, I have never experienced such a strange weather phenomenon.

Of interest… At 15 minutes after passing through that, we stopped to photograph a derelict building… And found that the temperature had dropped abruptly, and there was a strong breeze! That’s probably some sort of explanation for the strange weather.

I’m frustrated that I didn’t get a photo of any of that. Hopefully I can paint something from it from memory. There are already so many things I want to paint!

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