Fiesta Siesta

I’ve been doing all kinds of artsy things, but not really posting for various reasons: mostly because what I have painted hasn’t been that great, but also because some of the artsy things I’ve been doing don’t involve actual painting

…a constant push and pull for artists. There has to be time to run the business and market yourself as well as time to paint. And of course, there’s the day job.

But finally I have something to share. Old Town, Albuquerque was a delight to the eyes when I attended IAPS back in June. I snapped several shots while I was there, reveling in the colors of the papel picado against the adobe and the sounds of music as well as the casual saunter as shoppers mosied from one shop to another.

I’ve chosen one image to create several paintings. This is the second. I sent it to my oldest daughter and she responded with the following:

I like it. Feels like there is a festival going on just around the corner, but right here it’s quiet. You can just hear a little music, and maybe smell smoke and food, but you’re not there yet.

I would say I think that person in the shade just walked away from the party for a bit to enjoy some peace and quiet. This is something I often do when in crowds. I just need a little space for myself, then I can go back and join in.

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