Ever-Changing Sky

New Mexico hillside with adobe buildings and rolling clouds. Unframed, $280
“Ever-Changing Sky”, 16X20, UArt 400. There’s a play on words in the title of this! Painted from a plein air study done during the October workshop in Pecos, New Mexico. Unframed, $208.

The title of this piece is a bit of a secret joke.

You see, I painted it three times! I’m so grateful for the ease of editing with pastels… Just brush off and start over.

The lower part of the piece was not the problem, though every time I changed the sky, I found more I could do to improve the landscape also. It was the sky that was driving me crazy.

Part of the problem was that whole I had snapped a pic of the view, I hadn’t done so at the actual time I painted the study of it. So I could remember how the clouds were, but I didn’t have a photo reference. And trust me… Clouds are hard!

It took three tries and quite a bit of help from my artist friends. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for all my art friends, both in real life and online? Artists, I have found, are summer of the most helpful and generous people in the world!

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