Early Light

My friend and art buddy Kathy and I decided to get out very early this morning and catch the light on an accessible creek bed for a plein air outing.

Plein air just means outdoors, but some people even consider it plein air if they are indoors but painting from life.

Kathy had spotted this place where we could simply pull to the side of the road and navigate down the bank for a great view. I took my walking stick and wore my new rain boots for protection against all the things one might meet in weeds, bushes and on warm sunny rocks in Central Texas.

There were so many great views–we spent several minutes just taking photos so we would have them for studio paintings. Then we each chose our view and began painting.

It is absolutely delightful to stand in a beautiful setting, hearing the birds and cicadas as well as the peaceful sound of running water while absorbed in seeing and rendering the look and feel of a place.

Afterwards we packed up and left. I was almost home–less than five minutes!–when I realized that as I loaded my backpack, I had leaned my walking stick against the car… And DROVE OFF. I had to turn around and drive back, adding over an hour to our little adventure!

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2 thoughts on “Early Light”

    1. I was so frustrated that I left it. I only thought about leaving it and getting a new one for half a second, though. I’ve had it for years.

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