Daisy Queen

Daisies have always been my favorite flower. Their brightness, humbleness, and innocence are what attracts me to them.

My very first attempt to paint them was also the very first time I attempted to paint with pastels. The results were… shall we say… somewhat deplorable. (As an interesting side note, my oldest daughter still has and proudly displays that piece to my chagrin. Secretly, it pleases me, though).

But it was the obvious choice for my next painting, since I seem to be in the mood to paint wildflowers.

So here is “Daisy Queen”. The title comes from the fact that the butterfly is called a “queen” butterfly–it is often mistaken for the Monarch butterfly, but has distinguishing characteristics. If you see white spots anywhere outside of the black outlines or body, then it’s not a Monarch, it’s a Queen.

I enjoyed including some other insects as well. Did you find them all?

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