At this time my commissions are open!

Pet Portraits

A pet portrait is the perfect answer to the dilemma of what to gift a loved one. Do they have a pet that they dote on? One that has passed but is dearly missed? Or perhaps it’s you that would like to have a beloved reminder on your wall to see every day?

If you have a great photo of the pet, I would be delighted to interpret it into a pastel painting.

Special Moments and Places

There was that sunset on the beach the night you got engaged. Your Mom loves dahlias and you snapped a picture of her biggest one this season. You miss that corner you used to pass on your way home: it always meant you were almost there, and it was such a pretty spot: but you’ve moved away.

A piece of art representing these special moments, places and things is a great way to immortalize them. Instead of the photo getting shoved in a box somewhere, or placed in a photo book you seldom look at, it’s there on your wall to bring you warm, happy memories every day.

Did you just buy a new home, or sell a beloved one? Do you know someone who has? A home portrait is a wonderful housewarming gift.

(I am not yet available for people portraits.)

Pricing and Process

When you contact me to inquire about a commission, I will ask you many questions like:

  • Do you have a great photo of the subject?
  • What are your hopes for the painting?
  • Tell me your story about this subject. Why do you want a painting?
  • What size would you like the painting to be?
  • Where will the painting hang when it is finished and framed?
  • How much detail do you want in the background?
  • Do you want a photo-realistic reproduction or an artistic interpretation (I do not accept photo-realistic reproduction commissions).


Then I will create a quote for you. The quote is based on the size and complexity of the finished art work. The formula looks like this:

Sq inch X $1.50 + complexity fee + framing/shipping

For instance, if you want an unframed 8X10 of your dog in a green field of grass shipped to your destination, that would be

80 X $1.50 + 0 + $14 shipping = $134

I do not ship framed pieces. If you are local to me, I’m happy to frame it for you for a fee which includes the price of the frame plus my time, expertise and tools. This can range anywhere from $50 up.

If you accept the quote there will be a contract for you to sign that includes all of this information. A 50% non-refundable installment payment will be due before I can begin work on your project.

Sketch and Color Study approval

Once the contract is signed and the installment payment has cleared the bank, I will begin on the first sketch. I will share the sketch with you as soon as I feel it is accurate and artistic. You will have a chance to approve the sketch: at this time you may make up to 3 changes (I want the boat to be blue, not red) and any number of corrections (his eye just doesn’t look right). Any changes after the first three will be billed at $25 each.

Once the sketch is approved, I will do a mini painting of it as a color study. You will have the opportunity to approve the color study as well.

Painting, Finish and Delivery

Finally, I will begin the actual painting. I will periodically update you on it’s progress and send you photos of the work in process.

You will be notified that the painting is finished. At that point the final payment is due. Your painting will be shipped or delivered as soon as the payment clears the bank.

I retain all copyrights to all my artwork.