Circle Dance Joy Dust

Circle Dance Joy Dust, pastel on paper. 16×20, $272 unframed

Inspiration from the Bob Burridge dance challenge continues. I had wanted to fill out the series with at least five, but I haven’t had another idea for the next one yet. I’d love ideas., so please comment!

I have done some folk dance, and especially I have taught it to students in elementary grades. It’s so interesting to watch the kids. At first they will be very shy of holding hands and trying new things. But if I’m able to cajole then into following the directions, they end up having so much fun! I believe this is one way we can bring harmony and joy to the next generation: teach them to dance together, and they are less likely to fight one another.

To Human is to Dance. To Human is to Music. Both bring us joy. Have you danced today?

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