Chilly on the Beach

One daughter, my middle daughter, is a flight attendant. This fits her personality and lifelong desire to travel perfectly. She is also a bit of a photography hobbyist.

Recently she posted a lovely photo of a beach, commenting that it was too cold to really enjoy that day, but at least she was on the beach.

I decided to try my hand at painting her photo: this is the result. It was fun to do. See process photos below.

The surface is one that I created using mat board, clear gesso toned with acrylic, and marble dust. For reasons I do not understand, the uneven, extreme roughness really inspires me!

And here’s a couple of close ups to show the texture of the self prepared surface, and a shot of my palette.

As soon as my daughter saw it, she claimed it! I’ll be framing it for her soon.

But visit my shop to find this image and many others available as prints, mugs, cards, totes and other items.

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