Precious moments

Sitting on the porch. That’s where I found Mom and Dad. Just sitting in the beautiful spring air of the late afternoon, rocking a bit from time to time. The silence was truly golden. A balmy breeze rustled the leaves as it heralded the wet weather for tomorrow. Dove, mockingbird. Hummingbird. The grasses from the […]

You Are A Blessing!

You are such a blessing! Yes, you! Each donation on my Ko-fi page is a huge encouragement to me. It isn’t the money–it’s the meaning. It means you believe in my mission to make the world more beautiful. In honor of your commitment to fight for beauty and harmony in the world, all subscribers who […]

A Loving Home

I’m happy to report that two of my paintings are now hanging on the wall of a dear friend and collector. The top one is hard to see because it is a nocturne. My friend spent a lot of time in Germany years ago, but lost many of her photos. This one was one of […]

Speaking of Traditions

I sat in silence for about an hour this morning. Ok, not total silence, because I was listening to one of my favorite Christmas albums full of worshipful songs. While I sat there, contemplating the Great Gift given us, an art technique video I had watched this morning and the view of my own Christmas […]

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