Bitterweed Grace

Bitterweed Grace, 16X20, pastel on paper. $272 Unframed. Buy This Painting

Life lessons: the bitter can end beautifully.

I know it can, because just look at these flowers! They are so beautiful– and this year they are so plentiful!–and yet the are named bitterweed.Brown bitterweed.

I wish for a better name for them, one more suited to their joyful abundance, sunshiny spirit, and laughing dance in a breeze.

Alas, they are known to be bitter and even poisonous to creatures that eat them in quantity. God graced them with beauty to make up for their bitterness, and gave them the important job of feeding the bees.

See process photos below. I did run out of tooth on the paper in areas… I’m thinking of adding pumice back into my mix for the surface, especially if I’m planning to use brush strokes for the texture.

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